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What is IPAC


The Institute for Preservation of Arts and Culture (IPAC) is a nonprofit social enterprise devoted to promoting and preserving the traditional genre of arts in Pakistan. IPAC is registered as a not for profit organization under section 42 of Companies Ordinance 1984/ SECP. It aims not only to preserve Pakistan’s rich cultural and artistic heritage, but also to implement solutions to ensure its continuous recreation and transmission.aaa

Our mission statement

To preserve and promote the traditional forms of art and cultural heritage of Pakistan.

Our aim

The future of Pakistan’s traditional arts is bleak unless it is financially feasible for the artists to continue their traditions and inspire newer generations to follow suit. Therefore, IPAC’s primary aim is to develop sustainable solutions to ensure the survival of the traditional art forms of Pakistan.

IPAC is not only committed to providing a source of income for the artists through its various livelihood support programs, but also to focus on the quality of the arts by concentrating on the training of artists.

Furthermore, IPAC aims to be an educational resource center for people who are interested in discovering Pakistani culture by allowing them to experience the magic of the artists themselves. By doing this IPAC intendsto portray a positive image of Pakistan.


From the rhythmic sway of the Balochi chaap to the lively melody of the Sarangi- sensorily equivalent to the sight of a hundred colours, the Institute for Preservation of Arts and Culture (IPAC) devotes itself to promote and conserve the cultural heritage of Pakistan. IPAC is a not for profit social enterprise striving to preserve Pakistan’s diverse cultural and artistic traditions as well as to instill an awareness and appreciation for the country’s rich creative products to a wider audience, particularly youth.

The organization primarily aims to develop sustainable strategies which ensure the survival of the traditional art forms of Pakistan by establishing income sources for artists such as regular concerts and events. Furthermore, IPAC hopes to act as an educational center by providing resources for interested individuals to familiarize themselves with the intricacies of Pakistan’s cultural heritage.

Why is IPAC’s work important

Pakistan’s artistic cultural heritage has been under threat for some time and is currently at the brink of extinction. The area of Pakistan has traditionally been home to numerous diverse musical forms and performances. These different musical genres depended on unique musical instruments, dance sequences, lyrics, stories and lifestyles.

With the increasing Islamization of Pakistan and globalization encroaching on every facet of life, the traditional musical forms are losing the battle for survival.  Families of traditional musicians can no longer support themselves on their art and talent, and the lack of support and prejudice against them has forced their children to abandon their family’s traditional artistic lifestyle.

It is critical that these artists are given a platform to perform, with a supportive audience. In addition, they need to be financially supported and assisted in their training of future generations.


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