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IPAC’s Objectives


IPAC has a unique three pronged approach, which is unlike any other organization in Pakistan. Our three primary objectives have been specifically designed to ensure success in achieving our mission. Following is a brief on our approach.

1st objective – Developing patronage: To work towards developing a sustainable and growing group of patrons for the various forms of art.

During the Zia ulHaq era the performing arts, were banned from national media. Pakistani generations growing up in the post-Zia era are, therefore, unexposed to their country’s splendid and numerous forms of performing arts. The void created in the censored media was never filled and an entire generation of Pakistanis, have been deprived from their heritage.

Therefore, the dilemma is that the existing patrons of traditional arts are an ageing group. The need is to reintroduce the various art traditions to a newer and wider assortment of audiences, particularly cultivating a younger generation of followers who will ensure the survival of the dying arts. Once the demand increases the artists will without any doubt be motivated to continue their generations-old legacies.

 2nd objective – Supporting artists: This objective is the least common and is mostly ignored by organizations working for the preservation and promotion of arts and culture. Although developing a patronage for the arts might sound like the only way ahead but unfortunately the reality is that most of the traditional forms of art are on the brink of extinction today because the artists’ community in Pakistan has suffered from decades of neglect.

The artists are the true guardians of Pakistan’s cultural heritage and IPAC realizes that there is an acute need to improve their socio-economic conditions. Therefore, the main area of focus is the welfare of the artists and their families.  IPAC is proud to be the only organization in the country which is focused on the welfare of the artists since this important aspect is more than often overlooked.

IPAC was  the only organization in Pakistan which reached out to the artist community during the devastating floods of 2010 and again in 2011, by providing free health care benefits, monthly stipends and regular support not only to the impoverished artists but also to their orphans and widowed spouses.

  3rd objective –Promoting authenticity: To promote the genuine and most authentic arts by focusing on excellence and quality of the art.There is a world of difference between
a maestro who has spent a lifetime mastering and refining their skill and an amateur enthusiast. IPAC hopes to educate the wider audience and patrons to ensure that they can recognize and appreciate the aesthetics and true beauty of the works of maestros.

The artists will be motivated to continue their endeavours when recognition and credit is given where it is most deserved.This will serve to inspire amateurs to strive for excellence and the consequent competitive spirit that will arise will lead to a higher quality of output.To complement this IPAC aims to become a sanctuary for research and a teaching institution for students and admirers of the various forms of art.


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